eBUS Adapter Shield Interface (“easi>”)

When the adapter is available in the network (via WIFI or Ethernet), it can be configured with its own web page. This also offers access to the command line interface (REPL).

If the adapter is in configuration mode (see button), the command line interface (REPL) is also available via serial (USB or Raspberry Pi).

This allows adjusting the configuration and a lot more, see below.

Web page

Web status
With the integrated web server, the adapter can be configured via WIFI as well as via Ethernet (if a W5500 module is plugged in).

The tab “Configuration” allows adjusting all settings for WIFI station and accesss point, Ethernet (when available) and eBUS:
Web config

The association of functions with pins is done in the “Pins” tab. As soon as sensors are detected after configuration, another tab “Sensors” is added, that allows reading the data.

All data exchange between the web application and the web server is in JSON, so the data and status can be queried and configuration can be changed via HTTP as well.

Command line interface (REPL)

The “easi>” command line interface (REPL=Read-Eval-Print Loop) allows using all functions of the adapter, only some of which are available in the web application. This way the network performace can be measured via iperf e.g., or access credentials to another WIFI access point can be tested.

All available functions are listed via the “help” command.